debt and bankruptcy education

Debt and bankruptcy education can help you understand your rights and options in your unique financial situation. Debt does not define you. You have a whole future in front of you. Let us help you get a fresh start. At Atkinson, Simms & Kermode, our attorneys are experts in and focus solely on debt relief solutions, including bankruptcy, collections relief and fair credit reporting.

We understand and want to provide you with support, not judgement. Because we want you to be comfortable, our compassionate, experienced team will meet with you over the phone or in-person.

No! Bankruptcy is a fundamental right in our country, and it allows people to get a handle on their debt and get on a straighter financial path.


Filing bankruptcy with one of our attorneys provides you with experience, understanding, personalization, accuracy and affordable solutions.
Bankruptcy might not be your best option. Our team believes in a holistic debt relief approach and will help you determine the best solution for your financial difficulties.
If you are committed and continue to make your car payments, you may be able to keep your vehicle during bankruptcy.
Our approach is faster and more efficient than other options. We are often able to file in just days, not months. After filing, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy could be completed in as little as three to four months.


Take the first step toward financial freedom by reaching our to one of our experience bankruptcy attorneys.

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Take action today and call us with your questions. You can speak directly with one of our kind and helpful attorneys – Ryan, John or J.D. They are available to talk to you during a free 30-minute call about your financial situation. They want to provide you with the debt relief you deserve!

We understand how bad financial situations can happen to good people and we will support you in navigating a new financial path.