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  • Overall, I do a pretty good job with my finances. I just can’t pay down my student loans.
  • My wife and I both work to support our growing family. Last year we made a little over $65,000 but we both still carry substantial student loan debt.
  • I’ve been out of college for over ten years now, and I just can’t get ahead of my student loan debt.


Sound familiar?

Say Goodbye to your Student Loan Debt

Don’t qualify for the President’s student loan forgiveness initiatives? It’s okay. There is another solution to eliminate student loan debt. 

We get it. Student loans are an unfortunate necessity for many people. You work hard every day and want to be free and clear of the debt you acquired years ago. Let us help you. Filing for bankruptcy can discharge or partially discharge your federal student loan debt. Call us today, and together, we can analyze your situation to determine whether bankruptcy is a good fit.  


Take the first step toward financial freedom by reaching out to one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys.

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